12 tips to turn your youtube hobby into a career

Jon York

Nov 30, 2018
What City & State do you work in?
New York City
Gaming channels and product reviews seem to be the best bets

  • Do something you’re passionate about. If you’re doing it because your passion is getting rich & famous – forget it. You have to be doing it because you want to spread the word about something you’re passionate about.
  • Be on social media. Even though it seems like nobody cares about you – get on everything, fb, Instagram, etc. Build your Youtube channel – off-platform – through other channels.
  • Be super serious about quality and quantity. You have to make the highest quality videos you can because people are getting used to higher-quality videos.
  • Treat it as a business. Even if it’s super small, even if you’re not trying to make money off of it.
  • 100,000 subscribers is the bar. You’re nothing until you get 100,000 subscribers. When you get that – then people (read: sponsors) start to notice you.
  • Don’t accept every sponsorship offer that comes along. And don’t accept long-term offers early on. You’ll regret it later as you get bigger.
  • When you start getting sponsorship offers – do research. Learn how much you’re really worth before you make a deal.
  • As a content producer you’re very isolated from other producers. So getting information and knowing what’s going on is very difficult. (Which makes a forum like this a nice place to meet).
  • When you sign with a sponsor make sure they’re doing something for you – to earn your business.
  • Just keep producing videos. Quantity matters. If you’re consistent in producing content you’ll eventually get some traction. Even if you don’t get any traffic on your first 50 videos or so – just keep producing. If you’re in a niche that has a large enough audience and you’re producing content they want to see, you’ll eventually start to show up on Youtube searches and get some traffic.
  • Reach out to other content creators and ask if you can help them out. That way you can get to know other people and get some guidance.
  • Be willing to work 14 hours a day. These guys work really hard. They don’t just sit in front of a camera 2 hours a day and get rich.

  • These guys get burned out because they’re at a desk, making videos and editing them 12-14 hours a day – ALONE. They’re by themselves mostly. And it gets hard. The more successful you get the more you have to work and the more likely you are to get burned out.