5 Questions to Ask Before Doing Airbnb

Jon York

Nov 30, 2018
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This article did a pretty good job on nailing some of the top things you should consider before deciding whether or not to do Airbnb.

The top 5 questions they say you should ask are:

  1. Does the zoning of your property allow for short-term rentals?
  2. Does your city or town require that you obtain a business license or rental permit
  3. Is your house up to code?
  4. Are there any special rental or tourism taxes you have to collect and pay?
  5. Does your HOA or Condominium Association allow short-term rentals
Those are perhaps the top 5 legal questions you should ask before doing Airbnb. But there are a ton of other questions you should ask yourself too.

First among them would be whether or not you plan to rent out rooms in your own home or if you plan to have a dedicated house or apartment that you own (or rent) solely for the purpose of doing Airbnb.

The big, big question you have to ask yourself if you're planning to rent out a room or rooms in your own home is - can you handle random strangers walking through your home and acting like they own the place? When they pay to stay with you they have this annoying sense that they can do anything in your home that you would do. So it's good to have a set of clearly laid out and prominently displayed (whether by signs in your house or messages on Airbnb) messages about what you allow them to do.

It will definitely help you keep your sanity if you make it very clear to guests from the before they arrive... in fact, from before they even make the reservation exactly what you expect.