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Jun 14, 2019
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Phoenix, AZ
Roadie is a gig that I do and have done since late January, 2019. For the most part, it involves delivering lost luggage from airlines such as Delta, Southwest and United. In some cities, they also have partnerships with Home Depot, Tractor Supply and Walgreens (for medication from the pharmacy) and Walmart. Then you have other companies that use Roadie to ship things like kayaks, cookies, flowers, etc. And, of course, there are also individuals who use Roadie to ship all kinds of stuff including the following: artwork, auto parts, beds, cell phones, checks (to pay bills that are due quickly when they are unable to deliver the checks themselves), computer gear, eviction notices, eyeglasses (that someone left behind), fragile items containing glass, Goodwill donations (yes, people donate to Goodwill and pay drivers to deliver the items!), keys for cars that have been left behind, papers (like tax returns), pets, plants, sofas (lots of them), tickets for events such as concerts, t-shirts for events (usually shipped in fairly large quantities), and even wedding gifts.

I really like Roadie, but there are a few things to be careful about. One is that the shipper might not include a photo of what is being shipped and may give a vague description (i.e. saying "furniture" without specifying how many pieces and what the dimensions are). Apparently, if they make it sound like they aren't shipping much and it can fit in the back seat of a car, they can ship it for less. Even big companies like Home Depot often make something sound like a lot less work than it will actually be, so please be careful.

Another thing to be careful about is trying to get gigs where you won't have to go a long way out of your way to perform them. If you have to drive 100 miles each way and the sender is only paying $30, that almost always isn't worth it- unless of course you were really legitimately going that way. Usually, if you are honest with yourself, you will find there is a tendency to say it isn't that bad when in reality it isn't that great. Still there are legitimately good gigs. I am often by the airport in my area and get bags that I can deliver on my way home. Sometimes I might even combine a few deliveries so I only have to go to the airport once. For me these often work out well.

It is a bit hard to figure out how they match drivers with gigs. Once I was at the baggage claim area of my local airport. It was late at night and there was no other competing Roadie driver there. The man at Delta Air Lines said "I am entering this new gig- right now." Instantly it appeared on my smart phone and instantly I indicated an interest in doing the gig. In spite of my being right there and having perfect ratings on all my gigs, I didn't get that gig. Often times, you may lose 10 or more consecutive gigs before you get one. So patience is important with Roadie. That said, I enjoy driving for them.

Roadie does have some long distance gigs as well. For instance, you might deliver a sofa for someone moving cross country. I would love to schedule a Roadiecation (Roadie vacation), but in reality it might be tough to pull off. You might get sick of sleeping in your car and if you spend money on hotels, it could get quite expensive. Still, the idea of scheduling a cross country delivery and then getting a few more on the way back home does intrigue me. How would I shower each day without a hotel to stay at? I'd consider paying a fee to use the facilities to shower at the local YMCA.

One thing nice about the app is that it does know where you are and you can have it announce gigs that come up nearby. Last week I spent time in Cincinnati, Columbus and Pittsburgh. In all 3 areas I saw gigs that became available via push notifications. I just wasn't able to do any because I was too busy with other stuff. But it was nice to know that the technology was pretty seamless. So there is no need to notify Roadie if you are traveling.
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Jon York

Nov 30, 2018
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New York City
Wow, that's really interesting! Thanks so much for that real-world description of Roadie. You're the first person we've had to write something about them!

I found what you had to say very interesting from several different standpoints. One, it's cool that you can work for them anywhere in the country. No local licensing rules and regs like with rideshare.

I love your idea of a Roadie vacation! That would be perfect if you had a small RV. Of course the gas costs would be through the roof... but if you were going to do it anyway, Roadie sounds like a great way to offset some of your costs. How much would Roadie pay for a long-distance gig?

That is really odd that they didn't match you up with the guy at the airport. I guess you were probably never able to get an answer out of them about that, huh?

I appreciate your post because I was wondering if Roadie is more for heavy-duty items like furniture or if it was for smaller things. Sounds like it's for just about anything.
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