Airbnb is Legal in Orlando... but...

Jon York

Nov 30, 2018
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New York City
I was checking America's top cities by number of hotel rooms and saw that Orlando came very close to the top - and I was curious if Airbnb was legal there. Because if it was, it would seem to be a great place to go into it full time.

So, it turns out it is legal, but, with so many stipulations and regulations that they've made it absolutely impossible to make a legitimate business out of it.

Check this out... they say it's legal... but...
  • You have to register with the city and pay $275 for the first year and $125 annually after that. Okay, that's no problem.
  • You have to collect and remit (or Airbnb will do it for you) a guest tax. Again, no problem.
  • You are not allowed to rent out your entire home. Could be a problem.
  • The homeowner must live on site while guests are present. Big Problem if you want to grow this as a business.
  • You are only allowed to have one booking at a time with a maximum of two people. i.e. you can only rent one room at a time! HUGE PROBLEM!!!
  • No more than four non-family members are allowed in your house while you're hosting guests. Problem.
So in essence they've said it's legal but they've regulated it so tightly that no one could ever make much money at it. No one would be allowed for instance, to rent out two rooms at the same time in their home. Renting out two rooms, obviously doubles your income over one room. So that's a big kick in the face for people who might really need the money.

But the biggest thing - you're only allowed to have one booking at a time! How outrageous is that? In other words, don't ever think you're going to make a real business out of this. This and the rule that the homeowner must be in the home eliminate any possibility of having multiple properties and actually creating a growing business.

So, thanks a lot Orland - for nothing!