Bird Slashing Battery Charging Fees

Jon York

Nov 30, 2018
What City & State do you work in?
New York City
The information is reporting that Bird is slashing rates it pays to repair people and battery charging people. Just curious if there are any Bird workers here and if so, have they slashed your pay?
The company says it has been slashing the costs it has to pay per ride to repair, charge, insure and replace its vehicles. That’s largely because the vehicles are heavier and made up of new types of components that make them more difficult to steal.
According to the above quote, they're slashing what they pay their workers and at the same time they're making the work far more difficult with much heavier scooters. Heavier scooters means it's a lot harder to put them in your car. And you'll probably not be able to fit as many in your car. It could even eliminate some people from the gig since they may not have enough strength to lift the new heavier Bird scooters.

Anyway, looks like they're on a downhill slide that will probably end in their ultimate demise very shortly. Sounds like they're losing money faster than Uber! I mean, get this... the new scooters are heavier because they're built more durable. The old scooters were breaking so fast that they didn't last long enough for Bird (or any of the other scooter companies) to get their money back on the purchase price.

Sounds great... these will last a lot longer (supposedly). But guess what? They cost a lot more too! So they'll have to last way longer than the other ones.

I really think the people at the top of these companies are pretty braindead. It's like they didn't think of these problems before? It only dawned on them that they would need durable scooters after several money-losing years? It only dawned on them that heavier scooters would make it harder to steal them. (And also harder to charge them)!

They just don't sound that bright, really. ALL of these companies have been losing big money since they started. And yet these ivy league educated multi-millionaire and some multi-billionaire people were presented with their business plans and said, "I'm all in!" Wow... where is the common sense?

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to seeing how the people who charge and repair the scooters are going to stick with it now that the work will be a lot harder that the pay a lot less. That's another thing they seemed to have forgotten to factor in - the fact that you actually have to pay people to keep this whole system up and running.

Oh and you gotta love this quote from one Bird investor on their current trouble in raising fresh money.
One Bird investor blamed negative media coverage for the growing difficulty to raise money.
Or, more like he's angry that the truth is coming out in the media. "negative media coverage"... get outta here.