Caviar offers benefits


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Nov 23, 2018
In an article touting gig companies that are offering benefits, Caviar was mentioned. At first I thought they were saying they were offering health insurance. But, no such luck. They're offering occupational accident insurance. Which isn't something to be turned down for sure. It's nice to know if you're involved in a work-related accident that you'll have some coverage and they'll pay you 50% of your normal weekly income. That's not the best accident insurance around, but it's better than what most other gig companies are doing.

This on-demand food delivery service is one of the latest companies to offer an insurance benefit for its gig workers. "Financial compensation is not the only factor workers take into consideration when choosing their employment and more companies are beginning to realize this," says Mike Serbinis, founder and CEO of benefits platform League Inc. "Perks and benefits go a long way in helping gig employees decide where they'd like to work."

In the case of Caviar, the benefit being offered is occupational accident insurance. While it's not the type of benefit that will have an immediate impact on the company's contract workforce, it represents a significant step in protecting gig workers who won't have access to workers' compensation if injured on the job.

The Caviar policy will give workers up to $1 million per accident, a $100,000 accidental death benefit and disability payments equal to 50 percent of a courier's average weekly earnings. It's an example of how companies are working to provide benefits that not only protect existing workers but attract new talent.


Feb 4, 2019
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Glendale AZ
It's a step in the right direction. Postmates could stand to learn a thing from them, because from what I've seen they operate much the same way as cell phone companies; all about getting new people, but once you're there they don't care about you.