DoorDasher Smashes Waiter in the Face -- because he was tired of waiting!

Austin Bob

Dec 15, 2018
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San Antonio
An impatient California DoorDasher got really out of control this week, shoving one customer out of his way and smashing another in the face.


We got it - you're in a hurry and you're not making much money, but you gotta chill. You can't be smashing people in the face because the store is taking longer than you'd like to get the food ready.

This guy had 3 teeth smashed out of his mouth - an injury that will now follow him the rest of his life. aAa a fractured nose, palate and ten stitches in his lip. He was a customer who decided to do something. Instead of sitting idly by while this Dasher screamed at the waiter, he got up to do something. He told the Dasher to chill out - and this was how the Dasher responded.

Seriously, these gig companies - some of them are hiring bottom of the barrel people - who have to work for $3 an hour. They're going to have to d a much better job screening people. We're hearing way too many stories of violence coming from gig workers - from all the companies.


Feb 4, 2019
What City & State do you work in?
Glendale AZ
Hmm. What I'm wondering is. what more could they do to vet people? Don't they already do background checks?