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Nov 23, 2018
(The folks at Cargo just sent this in and asked if they could post it. Since I know personally that they're doing a great job and drivers are actually making some decent extra cash with them, we said sure)!

Cargo, the company on a mission to help drivers make more money while improving rider experience, has been busy since we posted about them last December. From new city and product launches, to hitting 100k sign-ups, there’s a lot to celebrate. But above all else, Cargo wants to celebrate its drivers. That’s why they’re hosting Driver Appreciation Month in Los Angeles.


What is Driver Appreciation Month? A full month of events and perks for the LA rideshare community. Events include car washes, food truck nights, professional headshot photoshoots, tailgates and baseball games, movie nights, and more.

Showing gratitude to drivers is a top priority for Cargo- the company reminds itself constantly that drivers are the heart of Cargo. So, a fun-filled Driver Appreciation Month in LA couldn’t be more fitting.

LA might be the first city to experience Driver Appreciation Month, but Cargo has plans to roll out similar events across the cities they’ve launched in, and those to come. The Big Blue Van is hard to miss, and Cargo doesn’t want any of its drivers to miss out on the fun.

Speaking of new launches, Cargo just launched in Miami, FL last month. This makes them active in 11 U.S. markets. They’ve also amped up their refill process to make it smoother for drivers to keep their boxes stocked. Plus, they’re now offering drinks with Cargo Cooler - and they’re proving to be a rider favorite. Apparently, there’s nothing like sipping a cool beverage in the back of a rideshare.

The Cargo community is growing. With 100k driver sign-ups in 11 active markets, a Cargo transaction happens every 2 seconds. And the best part is the box is 100% free for drivers, no strings attached. Drivers get paid every time a rider orders a product, even if its a free sample.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make more money as a rideshare driver, with no set-up or maintenance costs. Plus, gain access to all the perks involved with being a member of the Cargo community.

Check it all out and learn more here.


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Jan 7, 2019
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Hmm... that's weird. You would think it wouldn't matter where you are. They can send out the box and the products anywhere - so I wonder why they seem to only do it in certain markets?

Anyway, if they do restrict it to certain markets, my guess would be it's not available in WV yet. BUT... I would say try to sign up and see what happens. You can sign up here:

That will connect to your Uber account and if they have geographic restrictions, you'll probably find out immediately. Give it a try and let us know what happens!