Electric Scooters Sending More People to the ER than Regular Bikes


Dec 7, 2018
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Long Island, NY
Anyone who has been paying close attention has learned that scooters like Lime's and Bird's are cuasing horiffic injuries and sending a ton of people to the hospital.

The American Medical Association just concluded a yearlong study that:
  • more electric scooter riders are getting injured than bicyclists or pedestrians
  • the most common injuries are fractures (32%), sprains (28%) and head injuries (40%)
  • there isn't a lot of data that show these scooters are safe but there are a lot of anecdotal reports from hospitals that they're causing a lot of injuries.
Scooters can travel up to 17 mph - which is faster than most people normally pedal a bike in big cities. At those speeds every single rider should be wearing a helmet. But they're not. Most of them aren't. After looking at two Los Angeles emergency rooms, the AMA found that only 10 of the 249 people who came in with scooter injuries were wearing helmets. That's just 4% of riders.


Oh and California just recently passed a law allowing riders to legally not wear a helmet. And you know who pushed them big time to pass this law? You got it - the scooter companies themselves. The same companies that will tell you they're so concerned about your safety.

Yep, they're concerned until a law that would make it safer threatens to cut into their revenue stream.
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