Fastest Ways to Earn Money on Fiverr

Mr. Gig

Dec 6, 2018
On Fiverr pretty much anyone can earn money with just about any skill they may have. Whether it's graphic design, web design, writing, painting, data entry or whatever. Even people who don't have much experience in these things can earn some money.

For instance, you could design logos. Designing logos is easy. Anyone can do it. You can even find free websites where you can logo and they'll give you some basic tools to design a logo. Or you can learn to use software like Photoshop and design in there.

However, just because it's easy to do doesn't mean you're going to be good at it. But with Fiverr, you don't always necessarily need to be good! If someone is literally paying you $5 for a logo - are they really going to be expecting a super awesome logo? I don't think so. And if they are - they'll learn pretty quickly that it doesn't work like that.

And just as there are bad logo designers there are bad logo clients. Meaning, those are clients who don't really know enough to know a good logo from a bad one! So they may even be willing to pay you $10 or $15 for a bad one!

There is a ton of competition for this kind of designers on fiverr - which is to be expected. But nothing stopping from throwing your hat into the ring. And maybe, just maybe, if you do some of the cheapo jobs, you'll actually get better at it. No reason why you can't educate yourself in logo design and become a great designer. Tons of stuff on youtube to help you out and tons of stuff on sites like

Writing articles
Hey, anybody can write, right! So why not put in for some writing jobs. Like logos, I find a lot of the clients on fiverr don't even know the difference between great and terrible writing. So, you can earn a few bucks that way too.

The best way to make money fast though is to really know yourself and what you're good at. Even if you don't have many marketable skills you'll surely have some. So, figure out what they are, then dive in with both feet and learn along the way. Learn as you go. Get some cheapie jobs, charge less than other people, build up your ratings while you learn and some day you could probably get much better paying work on fiverr.

It's a long-term game
You really have to think long-term with Fiverr. It takes time to build up your reputation. And it may take you time to hone your skills. But don't bail out just because it seems so daunting at first. It is daunting. But those who stick it out and have some real talent can actually do very well --- EVENTUALLY.