Finding Gig Work with a 5-year-old DUI


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Apr 21, 2020
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Ann Arbor, MI
Hey, sorry if this has already been posted about. I tried searching the forum for similar posts but my search returned no results.

I have a misdemeanor DUI conviction from October 2015 (it was a huge mistake which I deeply regret, and I am lucky nobody was hurt). I am looking for a gig economy job and I would love to find work doing delivery specifically. Does anyone have tips for trying to find this kind of work with a DUI record? I can already understand a DUI will make it pretty damn hard to find any work involving driving, so please don't just discourage me completely and tell me it's flat-out impossible.

Different companies keep their policies regarding hiring people with criminal records purposely opaque. I applied to Postmates yesterday, and expect to get denied because my charge was less than 7 years ago (I'm basing this on reddit anecdotes). Does anyone know of gig economy companies that are more lax with their DUI policies? Or ones that give you the opportunity to address your record and provide character references? Again, my charge was from about 5 years ago.