Getting Harder to Compete with 3rd World Bids!

Jon York

Nov 30, 2018
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New York City
People are really complaining about Upwork and their sub- sub-minimum wages. There are people and companies on there literally asking Americans to work for about $1 per hour. It's so crazy.

Look what one worker wrote on Upworks community page:

Listen, enough is enough here. I'm getting sick and tired of looking at job postings and seeing bidders posting hourly rates of $3.00 ????????????????

Lets not beat around the bush as 99% of clients care about $$$$$$$ and this is KILLING all the great contractors on here who earned their high scores and feedback. Where are the contractors scores like Elance? AS they were posted RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR BIDS At least when a contractor bid on a job a client can see the list along with all the information and so could everyone else looking at the job the way you have that set up now is not good.

So what do we contractors do? DO you expect us to go from our respectable hourly rates and lower them to 3rd world rates?

I've been looking at jobs that I lose and in 95% of the job loss is to some third world bidder with a ZERO score and a $3.00 an hour fee.

I know I'm NOT THE ONLY ONE HERE who feels like this, you people need to really take a look at this problem as these same $3.00 an hour bidders get to bid first because of their timezones is bad enough.

Guys can we level the playing field a bit here?
I saw a work request tonight where the requestor was looking for a registered nurse to write a 4,000 word article for $25. That's crazy! Nurses are highly educated and it should take 2-3 days to write a quality 4,000 word article. That's just not something you can do in a day. So if it takes this nurse 3 days at 8 hours a day to produce a high-quality article, that's 24 hours total and means they'll make $1.04 an hour! What well-educated nurse would do that?

Are these people just willing to accept super low quality work?


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Nov 23, 2018
To answer your question, yes, I think people are willing to accept low quality work. When I started my first website, I used freelancers on Fiverr for all the articles I didn't personally write myself. At the time, I was working a full time job and was still learning the ins and outs of automation and outsourcing. I also had a very limited budget, and these type of cheap articles were really all I could afford at the time.

But I very quickly learned that cheap articles that cost tens of dollars, instead of hundreds, were not worth the money and hassle I spent editing them. I think there's always going to be people that pay low prices for low quality work. Most of these people are either novices who just started a side hustle, or people who just have super limited budgets. It pains me to see so many vendors offering low quality for low prices, but at the end of the day, if somebody's willing to buy it, somebody will always be there to sell it


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May 16, 2019
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Yes they are, remember to someone in India $1 is actually a good wage, they are probably using an article spinner or something like that, hence the result is very very poor. Sadly this often puts people off using the sites again in the future because they think the quality is rubbish from everyone. You pay for what you get. If I get outbid by someone offering something that low I just move on, I wont even touch low ball offers because I won't work for below minimum wage, I am an experience writer and if people want to work with me they will pay me well for it. People Per Hour let you feedback to them on any offers that look way below the going rate. Other than that and continuing to produce good quality work there is little we can do, I know Upwork are kicking people off the platform, but this has just made it impossible for any writers to get in.
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Dec 7, 2018
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Long Island, NY
I am an experience writer and if people want to work with me they will pay me well for it.
Good for you. That's really the only way to keep prices at sustainable levels. If writers and other gig workers aren't tough enough to demand whatever price they're really worth, then prices will fall through the floor. So I'm with you on that. Keep your prices where you are and get the jobs from people and companies who actually want better quality.