How is Turo's insurance?

Mr. Gig

Dec 6, 2018
I’ve been thinking about renting out one of my cars on Turo but I’ve heard so many scary stories about them.

I was happy and surprised then to run across this story where a car owner who rented his car on Turo – had it stolen by one of the renters!

What is almost unheard of today, it turns out Turo totally took care of him.

The story started out kind of weird and I would advise anyone who does this to immediately refuse any reservation request that just doesn’t feel right. If you think something is off, something’s not going like it usually goes – just say no. Don’t accept the reservation.

In this case, the owner got a request from somebody at 2:00 in the morning! Okay, that might be understandable. The guy’s up late, he’s looking for a car, he books it at 2:00 a.m. and will pick it up the next day. That would be understandable, except that’s not how it happened in this case.

In this case, the guy wanted to pick the car up right now! Seriously? What kind of person wants to pick up the car right now… at 2:00 in the morning? That is a big sign that something is wrong. I’ve learned through my Airbnb experience that last-minute bookers are often trouble. Something about people who can’t plan things at least a day in advance.

But really, who needs to pick up a rental car at 2:00 in the morning? That’s just not normal. And when you get a request that’s just not normal – sirens should go off in your head. My rule after years of Airbnb hosting and a year of renting my extra car out is – if a request is at all out of the ordinary, I always turn it down.

Check out these messages he got from the guy. The first message is from the car owner, Peter. The next three messages are from the thief who ultimately stole his car. Note the times of the messages:


At 1:56 a.m. he writes, “Is there any way I can pick up the car right now”? I’m sorry, but that’s not normal.

Anyway, to make a long story relatively short, the thief ended up doing $10,000 worth of damage to his car. And Turo’s insurance paid for everything.

You’re required of course to have your own personal insurance on any car you rent out through Turo or Hyrecar. But… in this case, the owner’s insurance company was never contacted or informed about the incident. So nothing went through his insurance at all… which is great.

Turo’s insurance even paid for us nearly $300 impound fee to get it out of the police lot where it was impounded after being recovered.

The good news is that if your car does get stolen, it’s nearly impossible today for a thief to really get away with a stolen car for long. The police quickly recovered this car as the manufacturer had installed a tracking device on it and was able to instantly inform the police of the car’s location.

CO Rideshare

New member
Dec 5, 2018
To be honest, I don't know much about their insurance policy. But what I do know is that people who rent a car on Turo treat it exactly like a rental. So expect your vehicle to lose years of life on many of the rentals completed.

Alternatively, do a quick Google search though and you'll find story after story of cars that were rented on Turo that were involved in an accident. Oftentimes, the owners are faced with huge headaches and red tape, both of which are no fun.

In the case of a wrecked R8, Jalopnick notes that the case was handles through a third party insurance company. The owner went through months of back and forth with the insurance company, only to find out that his R8 was undervalued by 12-15k. So it looks like the owner got less money than he actually deserved to get.

Jon York

Nov 30, 2018
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New York City
Wow, clearly two guys with more money than sense! Why in the world would they rent out an R8!? Don't they know how people treat rental cars? Really dumb.