How much do Zum drivers make?

Mr. Gig

Dec 6, 2018
It's really hard to figure out how much drivers make for these gig companies because the companies themselves are so non-transparent about it. They all throw out figures about how much you can make - but they never say what the figures are referring to exactly.

For instance, Zum says you can make $32 per hour driving in LA, Orange County and San Francisco. But what they don't say is whether that's before or after their fees are taken out. It's a pretty good bet it's before. And they don't say what their fees are? Are they 20%? Or 35? Or something else? No one knows except the workers themselves. Because they're not saying.

If these companies have nothing to hide why don't they spill the beans? Why don't they at least say how much commission they take out of your pay? It's really not fair to say you can make $32 an hour when in reality you're only going to make $24 because of the 25% commission they take out (or whatever it is). They shouldn't even say $32 - they should just say $24. I mean, they don't post on their websites, "We charge your customers $32 per hour" they post, "You will make $32 an hour". But if $32 is what they're charging their customers and they're taking out a big commission before they pay the drivers - how can they get away with saying they pay the drivers $32!?