Hyrecar has released a Smartphone App - Finally!


Jan 5, 2019
Austin, Texas
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New York, NY
After what seems like forever, Hyrecar has finally released an app. They literally have to be the last gig company on the planet not to have had one.

Android users can get it here.
Apple users can get it here.

I checked out the reviews because I thought they would be terrible. Hyrecar's website is still awful, after all these years. So it's hard to imagine that their new app is great. Not to be a crank or anything, but that's what I was thinking.

Anyway, I was kind of surprised to find that although their app isn't that highly rated, most of the complaints weren't really about the app. They were more about Hyrecar's customer service. (Probably from people who tried to deal with them over email rather than by phone).


Here are a couple of representative comments:

5-Star Review (but still a complaint about customer service)
FINALLY got in contact and customer service was great. HOPEFULLY i can Get in A Car As soon as possible. thank you Hyrecar
1-Star Review
you cant get through to customer service. they charge late fees when you're rental is not late. I would not recommend hyrecar.
1-Star Review
Customer service is terrible. Cant get anyone on the phone and responses to emails are equally as sporadic
See what I mean? All the negative reviews are about their customer support. None of the reviewers so far have actually said anything negative about the app itself! Weird.