Hyrecar Updated Terms of Service to Include Tracking Devices

Mr. Gig

Dec 6, 2018
This was interesting. Hyrecar just notified everyone that they've updated their terms of service and check out the updates below. They really work in the favor of car owners who rent their vehicles out on Hyrecar.

First nice update is they've lowered the deductible from $2,500 to $1,000. But why does that help car owners? Because, technically drivers are supposed to pay it. But what are the chances an Uber driver can come up with $2,500 cash on the spot!? Little to nil, I would say. There's a greater chance they'll be able to come up with a grand. But if they can't - that means the owner can get by paying two and a half times less than they would have had to pay under the higher deductible.

Next changes which are very welcomed from my standpoint is that they're going to possibly put tracking devices in the car and the tracking devices will have a "starter interrupt" feature that will allow them to make it impossible to start the car in the event that it is stolen. (I was going to say lost or stolen - but how can a car be lost)!?

Both of those changes would have given me a lot more confidence in renting my car out back when I used to do it.