Instacart pays one worker $0.69 an hour

Jon York

Nov 30, 2018
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New York City
It sure seems like Instacart is racing to beat Uber at being the most deplorable company in America!

I just read that they recently paid a worker $0.80 (80 cents) for a 69 minute grocery run (which comes to $0.69 an hour). Well, this was so egregious that the company was forced to respond on Friday. And they responded with a concession. Get this... their concession is...

They now guarantee a $3 minimum per job "to prevent some of the extreme edge cases we've seen recently."

Excuuse me? A $3 minimum? So the guy who got paid 80 cents would have been paid $3 instead? For almost 70 minutes of work! That's an hour and ten minutes. That comes to $2.57 an hour.

What is wrong with these companies? And I'm really starting to wonder more - what is wrong with the people who work for them! Every single Instacarter should just stop working! Well, actually if they're really getting paid this badly - they will.

Instacart originally paid drivers a base rate of about $10 per job (depending on where they work) plus $0.40 for each item they pick up. With a tip that could easily come to over $20 an hour - making it a really decent gig job.

But $3 per job even for jobs that could take more than an hour - that's insane. So workers are relying almost totally in tips. But when a customer tips - Instacart lowers the amount they were going to pay them. And how is that different from them simply not paying workers the full tip? How can they possibly get away with that? Every state has a law that says companies must pay workers 100% of the tip. Well, if you agree to pay them $5 plus tips and they get a tip so you pay them $1 instead of $5 - you've just taken $4 away from their tip. This sounds almost crminal.

Under the new system workers say they're earning 40% less than they did before. But Instacart maintains that shoppers earn more than $15 an hour. And if that's so, then let them open their books and PROVE IT.
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Feb 4, 2019
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Glendale AZ
It's even more important for a company like Instacart to make sure their drivers are paid fairly. I would imagine these sorts of jobs take a lot longer than a rideshare drive, which can be completed in just minutes.