Is the Mercedes Metris the Worst Minivan Ever Made?

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Jan 7, 2019
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The United States of America
Via the bus-like rideshare company has been promoting the Mercedes Benz Metris for ages in New York and I guess everywhere else they are too. It's like they've fallen in love with it. They're even paying drivers a double signing bonus if they can drive a Metris.

It kind of makes sense for Via because they're like a de-glorified bus service. So they need vans that can run like buses. They need them because they seat a lot of people and that's what Via does - it truly is "rideshare" meaning you are definitely going to share the ride with a lot of people.

I've never driven one, but this guy says they're t worst minivan ever made!

Namely he dislikes the fact that you can't tilt the seats on the second row from t driver's side. So a passenger entering the Metris from the driver's side has no way to get into the back seat!

And this is the van Via is pushing on its drivers and passengers. We have to ask why? They're going to have passengers getting in and out all day long, but people on the last row can't get out if anyone is on the second row, without asking the people on the second row to get out! How crazy is that?
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Dec 7, 2018
What City & State do you work in?
Long Island, NY
I've driven a Metris for Via in New York. They're TERRIBLE! Absolutely awful. A real nightmare when it's full and people in the back have to get out. Pretty much everybody has to get out.

It really makes you wonder about the intelligence of the people running Via.