Learn how to charge some Bird scooters from 12% to 100% in just a few minutes!!


Dec 7, 2018
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Long Island, NY
How great would it be if you could charge a scooter in just a couple of minutes instead of a few hours! And how wonderful would it be if you didn't even have to take them home to do it!

Well, you can. At least you sometimes can on a few select Bird models. I'm talking the Segway model that Bird uses.

You know how when sometimes you're charging these Segway models and after you've charged them they won't show the new charge? You know it's fully charged but the indicator is showing just 12%. Or some other low percentage.

Did you know there's actually a very easy way to get the indicator to show the full charge? And did you know that using this method you can actually make a lot more each night than you could otherwise?

If you're like most chargers when this happens, you probably just go and drop it off and think everything is fine. But it's not fine. The only way Bird has of knowing whether it's charged or not is by receiving a reading electronically sent from the scooter. But the scooter will only send the reading that you see on the indicator. So you won't get paid on these even though you charged them.

In fact, if you check the app after you drop it off, you'll see that it's available to be picked up and charged again! That's how you know you're not going to get paid for it.

So, here's what to do. It's really simple. If you have a Segway from Bird that you've charged for several hours so you know it's fully charged but the indicator is showing it's barely charged at all. Here's what you do:
  • First, if you have a scooter that isn't reflecting the charge you just gave it, you have to fiddle with it. There's no way to give you a precise step-by-step instruction here but the problem is that it's having trouble connecting to the app through bluetooth. You'd do kind of like you do when your phone loses its internet or bluetooth connection. You fiddle around with it, right? So do that. Turn bluetooth off and on, reconnect to it, move around it trying to get a better position for a connection. The bottom line is this: if you've charged it for 5-6 hours - it will not have a 12% charge... or any very low charge. It should be well into the 90s. So if that's not showing up on your phone - it's not because the Bird isn't charged, it's because it hasn't re-connected to your phone since it was charged, so your phone is showing the old charge. Just keep working with it until you get it to reconnect.
  • Now, here's the cool trick! When you drop your scooters off early in the morning check with the app and see if there are any other scooters near you that need a charge. You'll most likely see a few green icon scooters nearby showing low to no charge for $4-$5. It's a very good bet that another charger has dropped them off after he charged them but he wasn't able to get the charge to show up on his app. So the thing is that they are most likely already fully charged. All you have to do is scan them into your app, then do your bluetooth fiddling thing and try to pick up the signal. If you can pick it up and get the new reading - if it's over 98% then mark it as dropped off and you just made $4-$5 more bucks! If it's under 98% it'll probably be in the 90s and only need a few more minutes to charge. If that's the case, then take it home, plug it in for a few minutes then drop it back off.
That's an easy way to add $30-$50 more to your nightly earnings!
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