Lime's New More Rugged Scooters - a Nightmare for NYC Juicers

Mr. Gig

Dec 6, 2018
Lime apparently has a new more rugged scooter about to hit the streets.

There's a great post here on Gigworker that explains why these scooters are almost sure to lose big money. And a big part of the reason is that they don't last nearly long enough to pay for themselves. In other words, they die before they've earned enough to cover their initial cost - much less cover all the other costs the companies have to cover.

So, making a more rugged scooter would seem to be the solution. Or at least a part of a solution. But, the question is - how much do these new more rugged scooters cost? It's a sure thing they're going to cost a lot more than the previous dinky ones.

And here's another huge problem. According to Lime these new rugged scooters weigh 40 pounds! That is going to make it very difficult for chargers to lift them. And in NYC a lot of people, especially poorer people who would do jobs like charging scooters, live in walk-up buildings. They may have to walk up 3-5 flights of stairs to get to their apartment. Imagine doing that with eight or ten 40-pound scooters every day! Oh and all that for just $5 each! I'm just trying to imagine carrying, say eight, 40-pound scooters up even 3 flights of stairs and then carrying them back down again - for $40 total. Pretty insane.