Long Island Has some of the Highest Uber Earnings in the Country

Austin Bob

Dec 15, 2018
What City & State do you work in?
San Antonio
Surprise, surprise! Apparently Long Island is one of the top-earning Uber locations in the country. I guess maybe with the Hamptons in the summer with some of the highest rates in the country - that probably helps.

According to this survey, Long Island came in as the 3rd highest-earning Uber city - by hourly wage.

I know before Uber became legal there, they let their NYC drivers drive there and they used the NYC rates. But after it became legal NYC drivers were banned and the rates got slashed almost in half. So it's kind of surprising to see them ahead of NYC - which comes in at #6 on the list.


Feb 4, 2019
What City & State do you work in?
Glendale AZ
I wonder how often surge pricing goes into effect there; that would definitely play a part. Hell, it made a $20 airport trip cost $80 for me!