Never got paid by Hadny


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Aug 9, 2019
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Miami , Florida
I worked 2 jobs for Handy, and the payment method in the app can't verified, I call them and the phone support only for customers and they told me I have to email them due to different departments so I email the support team for Pros and all they say is to push the button in the App (If the app works, I would't be contacting them will I? Seems like I don't know how to use a phone app?). The button I keep pushing and nothing was send to my email, I checked inbox and junk, never received one from them, but I did received the email from support team, I told them about the issue but they could never fixed the problem, and then there was updated for the app and they told me to update the app, lol so they doesn't know the data phone will automatically update when you open the app? So, I saw the update and thought it will fixed the issue but unfortunately the issue was still there and 2 days later another update and still the same, I told them they should tell the manager that whoever make the app should fix it, and now it has been 1 month and I still haven't get paid for the 2 jobs that I did and waste my time, gas, and the work that I did that day, good I didn't do more jobs. Because Uber, Lyft and etc when you input your account information it never "Never" was on pending status. "Pending" what do you mean by "Pending". I hope some one will sue them sometime so they will go out of business.

Austin Bob

Dec 15, 2018
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San Antonio
Well, you can do your part in helping them go out of business and that is to stop working for them - as you've already done. AND copy & paste exactly what you've written here (try to clean up the grammar a bit though) and post it on their Android App page and their iPhone app page. That will definitely make a few people think twice before getting involved with them.


Jan 5, 2019
Austin, Texas
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New York, NY
They sound like a bunch of scumballs. Look at this review from that Android Page AB posted:
I am actually a handy professional and honestly I would not recommend handy to anyone especially on the working side. I've done jobs where it lasted me way longer than the time I was scheduled and you don't get paid if you work an extra hour or 2 you can't reach them by phone so it takes forever to get some good help and the fees are ridiculous i must add
You really can't make this stuff up.