Nigerian scammers on

Austin Bob

Dec 15, 2018
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San Antonio
Remember the old Nigerian email scam? Somebody's rich relative died and they need you, to deposit their money into your bank account? Well, it seems these people are hitting up freelancers on now.

I saw one Guru freelancer complaining that Guru doesn't screen the job posters well enough. But how could they? There must be a way, but it's hard to screen thousands of people, long distance over the internet.

This one freelancer wrote and said, "I have been scammed and conned twice on this site for jobs. what happens is someone will post a job and then offer a “Gmail” interview with you. From there on, you get the job, but it will require office supplies that you will have to purchase with the enormous fake check they send you. Basically, it is that “My uncle died and I inherited 1 million dollars but I need you to place it in your bank scam” 2018 version. Guru, should make sure the job posters are real, ask for photo ID verification! "

I hope by "scammed and conned" he means someone tried to scam and con him! I hope he doesn't mean he was actually conned.

The bottom line though is, if anyone asks you to spend money for anything - RUN! Even if they send you a check to cover it - RUN. The rule is - if they ask you to buy something, don't even look back, get outta there and cancel the job.

And surely by now, most people realize that if someone says their relative died and left them a million dollars that they need to put into your bank account, that's a scam! If you get conned by that, it's your own greed blinding your judgment.