Passenger Damages Your Uber - Now It's an Insurance Issue


Jan 5, 2019
Austin, Texas
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New York, NY
Apparently, Uber is now turning to its $1,000-deductible rideshare insurance to pay for damage passengers due to drivers' cars. This basically leaves drivers responsible for paying for ALL customer damage - out of pocket.

Why? Because in order to access Uber's insurance drivers have to first file a claim with their personal insurance. So, imagine filing claims for damages customers do to your car... and every time you file a claim your insurance rates go up just a bit more. Which is ridiculous because your personal insurance company is going to deny the claim anyway but you have to get them to do that before Uber's insurance will look at it - because Uber's insurance is contingent upon being denied by your personal insurance.

So your personal insurance is just going to deny the claim, raise your monthly rates, and then pass the bill off to Uber's insurance. Uber's insurance will gladly pay it, as long as you the driver pay the first $1,000 of it! Can you imagine? So you're going to pay at least $1,000 before their insurance pays anything - and you're also going to get higher monthly insurance premiums from your personal auto carrier! IT'S RIDICULOUS.

Oh and don't even bother reporting this to your personal insurance carrier unless you have the additional rideshare coverage, because if you do, they'll instantly cancel your insurance altogether! The bad news is - most drivers don't have this additional necessary coverage.

There used to be a time (2 years ago) when if a passenger damaged a driver's car, the driver would send in some photos, Uber would bill the passenger directly for the damage and pass the payment onto the driver. Now drivers will get screwed six ways to Sunday every time a passenger damages their car.