Pizza Hut and the Fed Ex Delivery Bot

Austin Bob

Dec 15, 2018
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Pizza Hut, which has had a delivery problem for ages, is going to give Fed Ex's new SameDay Bot a try! Check this thing out...


How wacky is that!? Anyway, apparently Pizza Hut thinks it's the solution to their delivery problems. They're going to start testing it soon in Memphis, TN.

The FedEx Bot is equipped with autonomous car-like technology that can "see" pedestrians and other obstacles so it won't hit anything. At least, that's what they say. When the SameDay delivery bot reaches the customer's location, its two cabinet doors will automatically open and customer can take their items out. Anything can be delivered in size from a bottle of prescription medication to large hot pizzas.

Looking at this thing, it really makes you wonder if it's going to share the same fate with scooters where people just pick them up, throw them around and generally trash them. I don't see a lot of defenses that would protect it.

Pizza Hut is really scurrying to try to find something to fix their delivery problems. Last year they played around with a thing called an "automated kitchen" which was like a zero emissions kitchen on wheels.


The truck Pizza Hut calls "PIE". It looks like it's really going to be a while before machines replace people as delivery mechanisms.

Pizza Hut has put out all the typical PR nonsense about their automated pizza making PIE truck, saying things like, "Currently the Tundra PIE Pro is just a prototype and we’re looking forward to learning more before making a decision to deploy it into a test market,” Nicolas Burquier, chief customer and operations officer, said in a statement. “This next-generation technology could lead to a number of potential uses down the road.”

Yeah, yeah... we know, it's going to be the next great thing. The solutions to all Pizza Hut's problems. The solution that makes Pizza Hut the # 1 pizza joint in the world. Yes, we know, we know. And I'm very sure it will lead to a number of potential uses down the road. It should be especially valuable to the nearest junk yard in a few months!

Anyway, back to this FedEx SameDay Bot for a minute. They're going to be testing it in Memphis, Tennessee, which sounds about right. Memphis is a city with a lot of nice suburbs. Areas where the roads are wide and traffic is minimal. If they can pick neighborhoods for delivery that have nice walkways that lead from the street to the front door of people's homes, then sure, maybe they could do some deliveries there. But how are they going to get the bot from the restaurants to people's neighborhoods? Is it going to "walk" all that way? It doesn't look like it could go very fast. Probably about the speed of a human walking. So it seems they'd carry it around in a truck and drop it off in pretty close to people's homes. Which also seems it would make the whole idea useless.
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Feb 4, 2019
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This is so unnecessary that I can't help but laugh when I see it. They're just inviting disaster in the form of stolen, destroyed, or lost delivery bots!