Rover has an insurance problem


Dec 7, 2018
What City & State do you work in?
Long Island, NY
I don't see many people talking about this, but while Rover seems to have some of the happiest workers in the gig economy (no doubt because we can set our own prices and we get to be around dogs all day)! But there's a bit of a hidden problem no one talks about much. It's their insurance.

Their insurance is great if you're the dog (or the dog's owner). But if you're the walker/sitter/boarder, there basically is no insurance for you. Yes, they have insurance but if you ever dare to use it - you'll be banned from the service. So, use the insurance and never work for them again. That's not really having insurance in my book. Having to use insurance shouldn't cost you your job.

They take out 20% of our money to pay for the insurance and yet it doesn't cover us! That's just wrong if you ask me.