Slingshot's emphasis on cost

Austin Bob

Dec 15, 2018
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San Antonio
I just read a blog on Slingshot's site that was very good. Basically they say the problem with healthcare costs today is that no one knows or cares how much anything costs. We don't know how much doctor's visits cost or hospital visits cost.

Doctors and hospitals don't advertise their prices. They don't even have a price list - unless you beg somebody for it. And to do that you have to find the right person to beg!

If nobody knows the price, nobody cares about the price. And if consumers don't care about the price, providers have no incentive at all to lower prices. That's one good thing Slingshot is doing. They're actually making consumers aware of the price, by their unique method of asking them to name their price. By naming their price, they actually begin to become aware of the price.

And doctors who are happy to have a little extra business during their downtimes, start to become aware of consumer's sensitivity to price and actually have to compete with other doctors on price.

I believe it's only through price competition that the price of medical care in this country can ever be brought into line with reason. And this is a good start.