Somebody threw 6 Lime bikes into the ocean in San Diego

Mr. Gig

Dec 6, 2018
There are two things I don't understand. One, why would anyone take a dockless bike or scooter and purposely try to destroy it? Just because they can? And the other thing I don't understand is, how is it possible these dockless scooter & bike companies thought doclessness was a good idea?

There's stupidity on both sides.

San Diego lifeguards pulled out a cluster of discarded dockless bikes from the bottom of Sunset Cliffs Friday. The bikes were in a cove at the bottom Sunset Cliffs Boulevard near Monaco Street. Lifeguards were running a training exercise along the cliffs near a cove where surfers often wash onto and need rescuing. They had the cliff rescue equipment out and were running simulations when they spotted the bikes. The machine is what they use to drop a rescuer down and pull out the person in need of help.


Feb 4, 2019
What City & State do you work in?
Glendale AZ
THey probably figured dockless would save them some money. Not if they keep having to replace the scooters!