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Jan 5, 2019
Austin, Texas
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New York, NY
I always love taking a look at customer reviews for the various gig compaies. Today I was looking at some TaskRabbit reviews and thought it would be good to share what I found with some of you fellow taskers. It's definitely good to know what customers are saying.

I was really surprised by how bad many of TaskRabbit's reviews are. Because in addition to working for them I've also used them and with the exception of one Tasker I've always had great experiences. And I've hired them to do some really nasty tasks - like taking super heavy pieces of furniture up three flights of stairs - no elevator! And they did with a smile. They got a nice tip too!

First, where do you find reviews for TaskRabbit? Depends on whose perspective you're looking for. If you're looking for the worker's perspective indeed and glassdoor aren't bad places to start. If you're looking for the customer's perspective, Yelp is a good place to go.

On Yelp you have to tell it what city so I tried several. First stop, Los Angeles. Really surprised because in Los Angeles (the second biggest city in America) there were only two reviews and they were both 1 star. Yikes! (And you thought I was the crank)!!

Great idea. Bad execution. if they actually hired skilled workers it would be a fantastic app! but they let anyone work for them so i ended up with my brand new 64" flatscreen tv hung halfway crocked and nearly falling out of bedroom wall. I'm afraid everytime i walk past it. but i have no idea or the strength to take the monstrosity down myself so im stuck with it. i reached out several time to task rabbit to no avail. i was charged $89 for a terrible mess. save your time and money and just hire a pro. lesson learned. bummer.
Maybe she should opt for the smaller TV next time. But she does make a good point. When gig companies rely solely on independent contractors - they simply don't have any control whatsoever over the quality of their work. When you hire independent contractors - it's like you're saying to the world that you don't care about the quality of the work. You just want to be able to tell everybody you have workers who can do whatever it is they claim they can do. Not only do you have to take them at their word (because you can't interview them because then they would be classified is legal employees), but you're not allowed to give them any training or to require that they get any training. That's the big downside with the gig economy.

The people on this website are not reliable. I have made several appointments in the past couple days and they all canceled on me last minute... The idea of finding and choosing the person you want to do the job for you and the time is great! But maybe some of this people shouldn't be on this website.
Nice pic Isela. And you make a good point as well. If they don't show up - what can you do? What can TaskRabbit do? Nothing. That's the world of independent contractor gigs. Nobody has any control over anything. They only "facilitate" your being able to find someone. They don't guarantee that someone will show up or that they'll do a good job.

From the Android app store though the reviews are a little better.

The app is easy to use. I've been mostly pleased with the Taskers that I've had. Don't just pick the cheapest person. My experience is that those with lower rates drag it out and you end up paying more than you expected. It's also good to agree on how much time was spent before they leave. I've had someone round 3:15 up to 4 hrs (time recorded by video doorbell). Taskers say how much time was spent & there doesn't seem to be an appeals process for that.
Good advice on the time thing. And great advice on not hiring the cheapest taskers. There's usually a reason why they're cheap. And that reason is usually ratings. Either they have low ratings or they don't have any ratings. Either way you're taking a pretty big risk.


Used TaskRabbit twice now and I LOVE it! the taskers I've used were courteous, professional and EFFICIENT! This is the best thing EVER. The app is set up well too. 4 stars because nothing is perfect and I'm giving the developers chances to improve the app. Maybe adding a place where we can store tasks (like a list) and prioritize them for scheduling in the future?
Looks like he took off one star because the app didn't have some features he'd like. But overall he had a great experience with the taskers.

And last but not least, one very negative review by Zach:
Hired a tasker and the tasker lied about his status (I was not in the same state he was working) and he used my materials but because I was able to cancel the task before charges task rabbit believes I was made whole. I lost a days worth of work and roughly $80 in supplies but was told to open a claim with my insurance... HORRENDOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE and zero accountability for their taskers. USE WITH CAUTION
Several reviews have mentioned that either TaskRabbit is impossible to contact or that they are completely unresponsive if you do.