The 4 best ways to contact DoorDash when you need help


Staff member
Nov 23, 2018
Whether you're a new delivery courier or an experienced veteran, there will eventually be a time that you need help. When this happens, it's good to know the most effective ways to contact DoorDash support.

1. Phone number

The fastest way to contact DoorDash support is to call them at 855-973-1040. After selecting that you're a courier from the automated list, you'll be transferred to a support rep who will help you with your issue.

2. Email

The second best way to contact DoorDash is by emailing a detailed writeup of your problem. Send an email to [email protected] and be as thorough as you can in your first email. This will eliminate needless back and forth emails, and help staff resolve your problem quickly.

3. Help Center

If you're a great problem solver and don't want to speak to DoorDash support staff, you can visit the DoorDash help center and search for your problem. It's more than likely that somebody else has had a similar problem, so a quick search for what's going on will likely yield a solution.

Just remember....

When you're reaching out for help through any method, remember to be nice to support staff. They are there to help you, and even though you might be frustrated that things aren't going exactly like you want them to, it's not customer support's fault. They'll do everything they can to help solve your problem, so remain patient, kind, and give them everything they request from you.

Also, be as thorough as you can when explaining your problem. Remember that you know all about your problem, but other people are hearing about it for the first time. So help them do their job by providing as much detail as possible.