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Jan 7, 2019
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When you're writing a post on Sitter City to look for a baby sitter or nanny, they say the title of your post is very important.

Sitter City, of course, is a marketplace that connects child care workers like baby sitters and nannies to parents who are looking for someone to care for their children. And unlike a lot of gig companies – with Sitter City, the workers or caregivers (or baby sitters) are completely on their own after connecting to a client. In other words, Sitter City does not pay them, they don’t set the rates and they don’t even handle the money transfers between sitters and clients. It’s a much more free-wheeling marketplace than most of the other gig economy companies.

What that means for both users, clients and care givers is that they’re both trying to sell themselves! So when a client posts a message looking for a care giver they have to be very smart about how they post it because they are in fact competing against other clients for the care givers’ services.

Care givers are obviously also competing against other care givers for clients. So it’s an interesting marketplace where everybody is in fact competing against everybody else!

Because of this, Sitter City has a whole page dedicated to telling clients how they can have the best chance of finding the best sitters. And the same would apply to care givers… they also need to use catchy titles and good copy in order to find the best clients who will willingly pay them top dollar.

For Clients
For clients, Sitter City recommends using instead of using generic titles, clients should use specific titles. So instead of saying simply: “Sitter Needed” (Duh, that’s why you’re here!), use a title that gives a little more information. By doing this you’ll immediately catch the eye of the service providers who will be most likely to meet your requirements. So instead of a title like “Sitter Needed” or “Great Sitter Wanted” (of course, everyone wants a great one, right?), use titles like:

  • Full-time sitter needed for two young toddlers (7AM—4PM)
  • Part-time after-school caretaker needed for 10-year-old daughter
  • Weekend sitter needed for three elementary school children
See how much better those are? They instantly tell the sitters exactly what you’re looking for and those who meet the requirements will respond, which means most of your responses will come from pre-qualified sitters.

They tell sitters pretty much exactly what they want to know from the start. The client has two young toddlers. Well, that instantly filters out all sitters who don’t like working with toddlers. The second headline that mentions a 10-year-old daughter – instantly filters out all sitters who would prefer to work with toddlers!

And the last headline, “Weekend sitter needed” – instantly filters out everyone who can’t work weekends. But it also filters in everyone who can.

So, it’s very important to be specific and give as much information as you can in the title. That way you’ll pique the interest of people who actually want to work for people in your circumstances and you’ll filter out those who don’t – saving time for everybody.

For Sitters
This likewise applies to sitters. For instance, instead of having a title where you call yourself “A Great Sitter” why not say something like, “5 Years Experience with Toddlers” or “A BA in Childcare Development who speaks 3 languages”.

That way when a parent with toddlers sees your ad, they’ll be instantly drawn to it and likely to respond because they can see you are exactly what they’re looking for. And on the second title, when a parent who wants their children to learn other languages sees you speak 3 languages they’ll be very likely to respond to you.

So, to everybody involved, clients and sitters alike – don’t ignore the importance of a great title! And remember, keep them:

  • Specific
  • Highlight your needs / qualifications
  • Give details as to times and days of week you need help / would like to work
Just remember, the more people can learn about you from your brief title, the more likely those who are a match with you will click.


Feb 4, 2019
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Absolutely. With those ones you used for example, I probably wouldn't have even had to open the ad except to get contact info.