The Strangest TaskRabbit Jobs!

Austin Bob

Dec 15, 2018
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San Antonio
TaskRabbit is fun because you literally never know what you're going to be asked (and paid) to do! Here are some funny things people have been asked to do that TaskRabbit's PR machine is sending out to the media.

Dress up like a Hot Dog

This tasker was asked to dress up like a hot dog by the client... whose friend named Frank, was having a birthday party. He wanted to have all things "frank" at the party!

Play Someone Else at a Party


Alright, this one is indeed pretty strange. A woman who couldn't attend her friend's birthday party because she was out of town, came up with this brilliant plan. She hired a tasker - who looked nothing like her - to attend the party in her place! The tasker was prepped with stories and information that she could share and halfway get away with claiming to be this other woman. The client had worked up a story to explain how it was really her even though it didn't look like her. But I don't think the story makes much sense. Her story was that she had been experimenting with a "teleporter" and that was her reason for not looking like herself. But, I don't understand. If you're playing with a teleporter (a fictional thing) that means you are teleported from one location to another instantly. Right? So how would that explain why she looks nothing like herself? No idea. Whatever.

Play the Apprentice
Alright, this one to me is the funniest. So some people through an elaborate party for one of their friends. The friend was a HUGE fan of "The Apprentice". She the friend hired a tasker who pretended to be a contestant on the show. The thing that makes this one hilarious is that they dressed him, appropriately and realistically in a hideous suit and told him to act like he had a complete lack of common sense! Just like the real contestants!