This Woman Earned $13,000 in 1 Month on Fiverr!

Austin Bob

Dec 15, 2018
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San Antonio
Wow! This woman earned $13,000 in a single month by writing Youtube jingles on Fiverr. Hmm... let's all learn to write jingles!

And apparently she's doing this pretty regularly because she's done it regularly enough to have bought a house and paid for a wedding over the last year. She lives in Britain and $13,000 a month comes to 10x more the average British income. So she's pretty rich compared to most Britons.

So, how does she do it exactly? Well, first of all, she's a musician. She plays musical instruments and sings and she writes little songs (called jingles) for $300 a pop. These songs might be a Valentine's Day ditty or a nusery rhyme. She also does voiceover work.

But the biggest part of her business is coming from Youtubers - you know people with Youtube channels who are trying to get rich and famous. She's found a little niche there with Youtubers who run kids channels. They're hiring her to write cutesy kids background music.

And that's the big lesson from Fiverr - the site that emphasizes jobs for $5. It's really amazing to have watched it grow over the last few years to the point that there are now well-known Fiverrs who can charge considerably more than $5 bucks.


Feb 4, 2019
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Glendale AZ
It's true, jingle-writing is a pretty lucrative business. So lucrative that Charlie Sheen funded a beachside house in Two and a Half Men with it!

But seriously, it costs pretty much no money, and honestly, if I just sit down and think hard enough I could write a short riff in a minute or two.