Uber Drivers in these 3 US Cities Have a Lot of Power

Jon York

Nov 30, 2018
What City & State do you work in?
New York City
Wake up Uber drivers... you actually have more power over Uber than you might have thought.

Pretty often the talk of a driver strike comes up and then everybody forgets about it as they consider the sheer size of Uber and decide its futile. Not that I'm recommending a strike, but there are 3 US cities where if there was some kind of strike or protest, it would have a HUGE impact on Uber (and no doubt Lyft too). It's easy to think Uber is so huge that you'd need drivers protesting all across the country to make any difference. But, you don't. You just need them in these three cities.


The reason why is because these three cities are absolutely crucial to Uber's success. Check out this statistic coming from Uber's IPO filing:

24% of Uber's Gross Bookings Come from 5 Metro Areas (3 in the U.S.)
New York City

Los Angeles
San Francisco

There are two other cities that make up the rest of this 24%, they are London and São Paulo, Brazil. But the bulk of the 24% is made up of these three U.S. cities. That gives drivers (and politicians) in those cities an enormous influence over Uber. And I just wanted y'all, who drive in those cities, to know that you have that kind of power.