Uber/Lyft Strike Gaining Momentum


Jan 5, 2019
Austin, Texas
What City & State do you work in?
New York, NY
The strikes against Uber and Lyft planned for this week is gaining momentum and getting a LOT of media attention. (one example here and another one here).

And it's not just NYC anymore. It's spreading to NYC, Philadelphia, Boston and Los Angeles. Strikers will take a 2-hour break on Wednesday morning, May 8th between 7AM to 9AM local time (morning rush hour).



"The Gig economy is all about exploiting workers by taking away our rights."
Drivers are demanding:
  • Fewer driver deactivations
  • An end to upfront pricing
  • A cap on the per-fare commission taken by ride-hail companies
It's worth noting that people have taken taxis for more than a hundred years now without being given a price upfront. People are well-conditioned to pay whatever the actual time and distance warrant that they pay. Upfront pricing is nothing more than an attempt by the ride-hail companies to keep more for themselves and provide less to the drivers who do the actual work (and pay the bulk of related expenses).

The cool news is that drivers in NYC and LA do a huge portion of Uber's trips - worldwide!

24% Quarter of Uber's Gross Bookings WORLDWIDE Come from 5 Metro Areas (3 in the U.S.)
  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
So, two of the five cities that make up a quarter of Uber's worldwide earnings - are now organized enough to strike. This one strike surely won't hurt Uber. But now that drivers have learned how to do it - who's to say it won't happen a lot more often. It has taken this long since Uber was founded for drivers to get organized enough to strike. And if they keep doing it - especially in these two cities, NYC and LA - it will actually hurt Uber quite a bit. Especially if San Francisco joins the gang.