Uber NYC - Locking Drivers Out


Jan 5, 2019
Austin, Texas
What City & State do you work in?
New York, NY
Uber NYC is locking drivers out of being able to sign in and go online. That's because a new NYC law that took effect recently is forcing Uber and Lyft to pay drivers a certain amount per hour. So now suddenly, they don't want more drivers on the road than they actually need - because they now have to pay them whether they get trips or not. This of course means those who are able to login will make pretty decent money. But those who can't, will make nothing.

The bottom line is both companies have had far more drivers on the road than they actually needed, so I say it's about time it came to this. Those who are working should be able to earn a decent living, don't you think?

Check out these screenshots. First one shows tells the driver that he can't go online right now. It then invites him to reserve a guaranteed time.


But look what happens when he tries to reserve a time! This is for tomorrow - Saturday, January 25th. THERE ARE NO TIMES AVAILABLE!

So, how would you rather it be? Like it was in the old days - you could go online any old time but sit there for hours on end with barely any trips? So you waste the whole day to make a measly $50 bucks? Or would you rather be told - don't even bother coming out... do something else tomorrow, because we're not going to keep you busy?

Personally, I rather find out early that I'm not going to make anything tomorrow rather than waste my whole day. And maybe with that advanced knowledge I can put my time to better use.