Uber Reaches New Low

Austin Bob

Dec 15, 2018
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Seriously, this has got to be the most immoral company I've ever seen in my life! (Not that my life has been that long... but still). Uber started off with a basic good-faith deal for drivers... 'you drive for us and you'll get 80% of whatever we charge them.' That was a great deal and drivers were hopping on by the thousands every month. Then, Uber started lowering their prices. And when they lowered their prices, they paid the drivers correspondingly less. Drivers now made 80% of a much smaller amount. Prices today are some 4 times lower than they were originally. And driver pay is 4x lower than it used to be as well.

So, follow this... Uber originally agreed to pay 80% of the total fare. Then, fares went down but they kept paying 80%. Although later they even cut the percentage to 65%-75% in different parts of the country. So they cut the fares, they cut the percentage payout drivers got and then through some slick maneuvering they figured out ways to sneak in huge fare increases without telling drivers. And do you think they kept the payout percentage the same when they started increasing fares again? Nooooooo...! Of course not, because this is UBER.

When fares were on the way down, they happily continued paying drivers the same percentage of the fare. But when fares started going back up, they decided to pay drivers lower and lower percentages. And now, courtesy of Kevin Rodriguez of the Apptrepreneur channel on YouTube, we find out that Uber has sunk so low that they are taking up to 90% of some fares! Yes, they're literally leaving drivers with just 10% of the fare!

Check out the screenshots below that one of the Apptrepreneur's viewers sent in. The driver got paid $5.43. But Uber charged the passenger $45.88.


What an outrage!
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