What are things Rideshare Driver Should Know?


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Jul 23, 2019
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Low rating is not the big deals for the riders if there account get blocked, but on the other hand, Uber/Lyft may deactivate the driver account if the rider rate lowers the Uber/Lyft rating policy.
Ride share driver is facing the issue of a low rating in the past to present due to some misbehave driver, my personal experience is one of them, the driver clearly stated that get out of my car. A driver needs to stop such things.
How to get the best rating
Dressed well-
Rider loves the driver who looks professional and dedicated toward the job and represents the spirit of driving, who likes Monday morning? You need to look at goods and happy.
Open the Car Door
Ride share driver is the independent contractor but you have to make your clients happy, shows kindness, generosity, and commitment to your job.
Keep Your Car Clean
Rider takes a cab and pays to your service if something goes wrong such as bad interior and bad smell, that leads the poor rating in your account. Clean your car often, nobody like a scratch on a car.
Don't Call 10 times
Uber/Lyft charges waiting fees for the late coming rider when the driver frequently calls the rider for the location, it reveals that the driver is not familiar with the route and rider does not like to have a ride to whom have to explain each lane and route.
Never ask for the 5-star rating
A rider will give the rating even if you shut your mouth and keep driving and I know you attempt to initiate conversation and at the end of the trip ask for a rating. just be yourself and talk if necessary.
Keep snacks and Water
A small gesture sometimes gives you great happiness.
Even the glass of water make someone happy so when you are driving keep the water and snacks for the rider, believe me, it makes them happy.
Cancellation of Ride
I have seen many drivers cancel the ride even if the passenger requesting for the ride, again and again, the driver needs to realize that maybe one cancellation of the ride does not matter to you but it matters to the rider you don't know what situation the rider is facing.
Let me share my experience, one day, as usual, I had to book a ride for my parents and we had to arrive on time. The driver was nearly 5-7 minutes away from the pickup location. After many cancellations of the same driver, I played a trick, I booked a cab from my sister account and the same driver arrive at the destination. Do you think I am going to give the driver a good rating?
Tips: When you are not in the mood of driving then go offline.


Jan 5, 2019
Austin, Texas
What City & State do you work in?
New York, NY
This looks like the list of things to do from Uber. That list was discounted a long time ago. Several of the things on that list have nothing to do with getting a high rating and may even get you a lower rating.

First, dressing well is a good suggestion. I agree with you - everyone should dress well and look professional. The more professional we look as a class, the more passengers will respect us and the more people respect those who work for them the more inclined they are to leave decent tips.

Same goes for keeping your car clean.

However, opening the door for each and every passenger? That's something that in some cities would get you a low rating because in-a-hurry passengers wouldn't appreciate the time it added to the trip. Plus, some would think you're working just a little too hard to get the 5 stars. Same goes for keeping snacks in the car. Water is fine if you wish, but snacks are overkill.

But, never ask for a 5-star rating - that's good advice.