What is Amazon Flex?


Feb 4, 2019
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Glendale AZ
What I first stumbled upon this section of the forum, I was a bit baffled as to what exactly Amazon Flex is. So if anyone else out there is wondering, I'll break it down real quick.

According to Amazon'a own website, it allows you to make your own schedule working as an Amazon delivery driver. They say that you can make between $15 - $25 an hour. You set it up, and then work by going onto the app and accepting offers for blocks of time during which you make deliveries that they send you, based on the availability you claim when you set it up. It's sort of

Gigster Steve

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Jun 14, 2019
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Phoenix, AZ
Actually they say you can make $18-25, but that is misleading for several reasons:

1) You are using your own vehicle, so you need to deduct all related car expenses (not just gas).
2) You may spend hours trying to get a new shift to work as you often must tap a lot on your smart phone to get shifts. When you see one, you have to have ridiculously fast reactions to accept a shift or just get plain lucky. I've known of lots of drivers (see the Facebook forum) who spend hours tapping and get absolutely nothing for their time.
3) Let's say you work a 3-hour logistics (package delivery) shift and they pay $54. Furthermore, the shift may actually take 4 hours if, for instance, you run into heavy traffic or have to drive on dirt roads in a rural area or have lots of deliveries to apartment complexes (which most drivers hate). Unless you have the gumption to ask for an additional $18 for the extra hour you worked, you won't get it. And be prepared to have to resubmit your request several times before you finally get paid. This part really sucks as it seems like sometimes you aren't even dealing with a human being who can understand basic questions. It feels like you are often dealing with a robot or a computer using artificial intelligence, even though the emailed response has a "name" on it.


Jan 5, 2019
Austin, Texas
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New York, NY
Flex drivers are only making $15-$25 an hour in their dreams!

I agree with you @Gigster Steve, all of the problems you mentioned are well known among Flex drivers. And most of them are problems that even if you haven't driven for Flex you'd be able to figure out.

Sounds like you've don't a little work with Flex. So I'm curious why you say it takes some gumption to ask for pay if a block takes an extra hour? I understand why you may not get it or why it might take forever to get. But why do you need some courage to ask?