What is Fash.com

Jon York

Nov 30, 2018
What City & State do you work in?
New York City
I got an email today from a company called Fash.com - saying someone was looking for my services. I thought Whoo Hoo and I clicked on it. The link took me to a page that said "Rochelle" who lived near me was looking for my service. I was confused though - how could someone looking for me have contacted me through a website I've never heard of. The site was Fash.com.

I clicked on it and it started walking me through a process to sign up. It said once I signed up I could then contact the requestor. Oops... wait a minute... doesn't that sound a lot like Thumbtack, I thought? Why, yes it did! Before going further, I did a quick search to see how much Fash.com charged to contact requestors and sure enough - there it was... you have to buy credits and it takes a certain number of credits to contact someone who has sent a request.

Another link I found led me to Thumbtack's own bulletin board where someone had asked if Thumbtack owns Fash. Another person answered and said no. But then I logged into Thumbtack to comment and guess what happened right after I logged in!? Right after logging in, I was taken to FASH.COM! So yes, not only are they the same company but logging into TT took me to Fash.

I have to say - as a former Thumbtack service provider - it's a really scammy way to do business. If I hadn't worked for thumbtack and got this email, I probably would have signed up - not knowing they were going to charge me to contact the person. And this person while relatively close to me was too far away to use my service. People who use my service never travel more than maybe a few minutes to get to one of us. This person would have had to travel more than an hour. And I know that's never going to happen.