What is ShiftPixy?

Mr. Gig

Dec 6, 2018
What is ShiftPixy?
ShiftPixy is a gig company that matches employers with trained gig workers and they're expanding their business to now include delivery drivers. Hmm... another company wants to get into the delivery space. Very interesting. I really wonder, how many companies do these companies think this space needs!?


ShiftPixy is like a high tech temp agency. And they don’t use independent contractors. They actually hire workers as employees! They have to because part of their gig is that they send trained workers out to real employers. So, they have to make sure they’re well trained.


In fact, they say this on their app download pages:

“Note: You must be hired and onboarded as a ShiftPixy employee to use the full functionality of the ShiftPixy app.”

So, there you go… you’ll definitely be a real employee… for whatever that’s worth.

Now don’t run right out to download your copy of ShiftPixy today – because they’re still in rollout stage. And we’re talking the very beginnings of the rollout stage. They’re only in a couple of cities and they’re working on getting their whole system ironed out there before they expand. And it’s not going to be one of these gigs like Uber or TaskRabbit where you download the app fill out a quick application and within a couple of days you’re ready to go. No, this is where you actually get hired by them as an employee. And only then can you use the app. So, get the job first then use the app.

Anyway, it sounds like a good concept and maybe something that will help improve work for gig workers.

What’s Different About ShiftPixy?
Well first, it can't go without being noted that one thing different about them is that they mercifully did not use a Y in Shift! I'm so glad they didn't call it ShyftPixy - like every other new gyg company these days.

The cool thing they’re doing is hiring you and then training you to fill in anytime with any of their clients. So, suppose one of their clients is McDonald’s. I’m just throwing that out there as an example. They’ll train you to work in a McDonald’s. They’ll train you in our their systems and with all their equipment. How cool is that!? I know it may not sound cool or glamorous because you’re thinking, “McDonald’s”. But, think of it like this… they train you at McDonald’s. Then they train you at Pizza Hut and then at Walmart. Okay sure, all these are low level jobs. But so is driving for Uber, if you haven’t noticed!

So they train you and in a way certify you to work in all these places. So when one is busy and the others aren’t, you’ll have work for the day, or week or month. And you can shift seamlessly from Walmart to McDonald’s and to whoever else they may have as a client. I think it sounds pretty cool actually!

They’re doing this because if they did it Uber style – independent contractor-like they would have no control over quality or training or work product their workers would put out. How could they send some random guy off the streets into a McDonald’s and expect him to know anything about what to do? And they wouldn’t even be able to tell them to wear the uniforms or dress code that each employer requires. But as real employees rather than independent contractors, then they can in fact, control all those aspects and give their clients a really good alternative when they need extra workers.