What's the Best Floor Plan Software for Airbnb & Home Away?

Mr. Gig

Dec 6, 2018
Do you use any floorplan software to make an illustration of your place to show to prospective guests on your listing?

I've been looking at several different options for doing this. As a host with several whole-house properties, I like to include a floorplan in all my listings so people can see what the places actually look like... you know, like a bird's eye view. It helps with lowering complaints as people will have an even better idea of the layout than they can get from photos.

I particularly like to use 3D software because most people aren't trained to "read" floorplans and the 2D versions are hard for people to really understand - unless they're trained.

Some good ones are:

  • FloorPlanner.com - 3D, highly-recommended by a lot of hosts (but uses Adobe Flash - which a lot of browsers no longer support). Check this example out - from an Airbnb host. It's pretty cool. But click on the 3D button in the upper-righthand corner and it gets even cooler!! There's an interesting mistake on this one!! The host forgot to put a door on the bedroom with the blue bed! So apparently there's no way to get in or out of that bedroom! Funny.
  • Autodesk Homestyler - 3D
  • SketchUp - 3D, starting at $700