What's the Most In-Demand Skill on Fiverr

Jon York

Nov 30, 2018
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New York City
Another story about somebody who is making $125,000+ on Fiverr. This is in addition to another one posted here recently.

Oh and look, this guy made so much money he got to go to Europe!

Actually, the story is, he started working with Fiverr while he was in Europe five years ago.

Lessons to Learn from These People
So, all these stories, but what do they mean. We know the vast, vast majority of Fiverr'ers don't make anything like that. But I think there's one important lesson we can take away from all these people. And that lesson is - for all of them - it took a lot of time. They each worked on Fiverr for a very long time (this guy 4 years) before they really started making it big. So, that tells us doing good work and getting good reviews is supremely important. But if you do good work and get good reviews, you can eventually do well. It just takes time for your reputation, through your reviews, to build up.

So, patience is the big key. You're going to start off slow, but don't let that discourage you. It's how Fiverr is designed. You start of slowly and you build. The good news about that is - is that once you've made it to the top - or near the top - or closer to the top(!) it won't be easy for those below you to knock you out.

Fiverr and the other similar sites are incredibly reputation-based. So it is essential that you figure out what your best skills are and put yourself to work in jobs and tasks that use those skills. Always keep your reviews positive by offering to take jobs that you know you can do well.

The Top Fiverr Jobs
It appears that the top Fiverr jobs are those where the workers actually create something that didn't exist before. Whether it be copywriting like this guy, or writing music like this girl. It's all about creating something new. And that makes sense from an economic standpoint when you think about it. Those who produce commodities, like Uber drivers driving trips or Fiverrs who do data entry - those are unskilled tasks. Anybody and their mother could do them. Therefore, there's an endless supply of people who could do the exact same thing.

But there isn't an endless supply of people who can create new works to your satisfaction. Whatever copy this guy writes - it will be completely unique to him. No one else in the world would write it exactly the same way he does. So for those people who like his writing - they have to use only him. Same thing for the girl who writes music. And same for the web designers and graphic designers.

So, look for creative jobs - meaning jobs where you actually create something unique, something no one else could create in exactly the same way you would. Writing jobs, design, coding, music, whatever. Anything creative is the best direction to pursue.
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Austin Bob

Dec 15, 2018
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San Antonio
You have a good point about copywriters. I was just reading an article on TechCrunch that said Fiverr's writing category grew 220% between the end of 2017 and the end of 2018. So yeah, there are definitely opportunities there.

Oh and speaking of that, this same article said because of that Fiverr has acquired ClearVoice, which is a freelancer gig company that specializes in writers.