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Mr. Gig

Dec 6, 2018
So, I've been renting out my second car on Hyrecar for a while. But the one thing that constantly bugs and annoys me is, their website. It's like it's from a different generation. And I don't mean a future generation. I mean a past one! Like, well into the past! 20 or 30 years maybe!

First big bug which is so obvious I can't understand why they haven't fixed it yet. But, do you know they don't have a Login button on their homepage? There's no way to login directly from the homepage!

In fact, it takes 4 clicks to login. Most sites today only take one click. Type in your username and password and hit enter and you're done. But no... not with Hyrecar. They make you walk through 4 clicks to login.

On the homepage, I still haven't figured out how they mean for us to login. But they have a link for List a Car and Rent a Car. They also have links for Get Started and Register.

Which one they mean for registered users to click, I really have no idea. But if you click on Get Started, a login dialog shows up on the next page. But this method takes 5 total clicks to login!

Since I rent my car out, I click on List a Car. But I've already listed it so that's an extra step that I shouldn't have to take. If you click on Rent a Car it takes you to the exact same screen so why do they have the extra unnecessary choice. Why don't they just call that login. And what's the difference between Register and Get Started?

Here's what happens when you click on List a Car:
Which just happens to be the exact same screen you get if you click on Rent a Car! So why in the world do they have the two choices on the homepage? They both go to the same useless place!

The other annoyance is they don't have an app. Of all companies that need an app it's this one. They need an app because when you rent your car out, you have to go out, meet the person renting it, give them the keys and let them drive off. Then, you have to go back into your house where you can get a desktop web browser and you have to check them in - informing Hyrecar that they now have possession of your car.

But before you can check them in, hyrecar demands that you upload four photos of your car showing its condition as of the time you handed the car over to the renter. All of this takes time.... several minutes usually. And during that time the renter is driving your car around but hyrecar doesn't know it yet. So what happens if they have an accident before the time that you informed hyrecar they had your car? Whose insurance covers that period!

If they had an app, you could check the renter out with your phone at the time you meet with them and before they drive your car off. An app would let you take the necessary photos and submit them seamlessly. As it is, you have to go back into your house, get the pictures off your phone and onto your computer - which can sometimes take several minutes in itself.

This company is just so strangely backwards. So many companies want to push their app on you - but you don't need their app. And their app is nothing more than a glorified web site. And sometimes it's less... sometimes the apps are more like a de-glorified website! (I'm looking at you Airbnb). But Hyrecar really truly needs an app and they're about the only company on earth that doesn't have one.

It's really weird how they don't seem to have adapted to the internet age even though their whole business is made possible only by the internet.
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Jon York

Nov 30, 2018
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New York City
I have had the exact same complaints with Hyrecar. Another problem is as a renter, there are no reviews of the drivers who want to rent your car - so you have no information about them at all.

But the biggest problem is I'm always getting stuck with their tolls. So far everyone has paid them - eventually. But it's a real pain in the neck having to review the toll charges then go to Hyrecar and try to compare the dates with who was renting your car at that time. It's very difficult to get that information off their site.