Where is Curb Available?


Dec 7, 2018
What City & State do you work in?
Long Island, NY
Currently Curb cab is available in:
(Links go to the Curb page for each city)

If you ever need to contact Curb's support, they have a direct email address which is simple enough... [email protected].

Curb is quite a bit bigger than Arro. Curb and Arro work the same. They are both Uber-like apps that help people "hail" or e-hail a taxi. You get a real taxi with a real taxi driver. You don't get an Uber car with an unlicensed non-professional driver.

That's the reason why people prefer these taxi apps. Because they get professionally-licensed drivers and vehicles. (It should be noted that in New York - drivers and their cars are licensed by the TLC in the same process that taxis are. So in New York, they're all on an equal footing).

How to Book a "Curb"
To book a Curb, you can either do it from their web page here or through their app. Here you can get the Android app and here, the Apple app.

Apple users give Curb a 4.7 rating and Android users give them a 3.6 rating. (Hmm... is the Apple app that much better? Or are Android users that much more demanding)!?